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About Us

The idea for this website was born and nourished in a small Bulgarian town called Samokov. The name "Samokov" comes from the words "samo" (meaning "only") and "kov" (meaning "forge". The town has being famous from centuries with its crafting tradition and master craftsmen. It's in Samokov where I had the pleasure to meet one of the finest knives makers in Bulgaria - Slavcho Zmjarov. Slavcho showed me his life's work - a magnificent knives collection. I was amazes by the design and shape on both blades and handles. There are no words describing the feeling of holding one of those knives in your hands, staring at those amazing engravings. Slavcho told be about the decision to dedicate his life on knife making: "That is what will stay after I'm gone and hopefully will last trough time. This will be my legacy to my family, to my friends. That is something which I'm proud of "

It was about that time that I found out that he had no idea of internet, websites, computers or the world wide web and I realized that not many people will have the chance to see and appreciate his masterpieces. This thought was finding its way to my mind for few days and I begin my research. It turned out that there are many knife makers just as Slavcho all over Bulgaria waiting for my help to show their amazing craftsmanship to the world.